Directors and Chairmen

General Program Director

Duane Morris

Membership Director
Safe Environment

Chris Cummings

Faith Director
Holy Hour Chairman

Don James Thurman

Community Director

Brent Dattke

Family Director

Joseph Keller

Life Director
Ultrasound Chairman

Eric Walter

Youth Activities Chairman

George Murphy

Online Membership Chairman

Sean Fornelli

Cor Chairman

Ray A. Prom

Forms & Awards Chairman

David W Judy

Silver Rose Chairman

Darin Silbernagel

Marian Hour Chairman

Chris Rischmiller

Wheel Chairs Chairman

Kent A. Purdy

Coats for Kids Chairman
Athletic Events Chairman

George Murphy

Disaster Preparedness

Doug Klein

Keep Christ in Christmas Chairman

Francis Mohr

Safety Coordinator

Chuck Pattishall

Family of the Month Chairman

Brent Dattke

Council Retention Chairman
Health Services Chairman
Food For Families Chairman

Bob Adams

Special Olympic Chairman
Intellectual Disabilities 

Michael Hanley


Mark Larson

Columbian Newsletter

Tom Karl

Public Relations

Alex Paul

Fr. McGivney Guild

Charls Northup


Kenneth J. Anderson

State Historian

Thomas F. Radel

Vocations, RSVP
Pennies for Heaven Chairman

William E Geary

Member Retention Chairman
Round Table Chairman

Nick Guenther

New Council Development
Assistant Membership (West)

Thomas J Burns

Vietnamese Outreach

Subhuti Lichtman

Assistant Membership (South)

Chris Erno

Assistant Membership (East)

Matt Deppmeier

Welfare & Prayer

Kristian Liwanag